Oh, The Free Stuff!

Ah, Shwag


I’ve been doing the whole conference thing for a while. Not as long as some but quite a while. Along the way I’ve collected quite a bit of stuff. I’ve also given away most of it to the local user group too.


Little Things

I always keep a few little things like ducks and note books.

I also keep a few of the drink-ware items too.

Wearable Stuff

Oh the humanity, the amount of clothing I have from conferences is just crazy. I give away quite a bit but always try to keep one shirt or item from everywhere I go.

Carry All Your Stuff

With all those shirts I need all these bags to More >

SQLDIY: Gather Virtual File Statistics Using T-SQL #TSQL2sDay 15

It’s that time again, T-SQL Tuesday is here! This time Pat Wright (blog|twitter) is hosting and has put forth automating tasks using ether T-SQL or Powershell. I LOVE automating stuff. As a production DBA in some very large shops you can’t do your job unless you make your servers work for you. I’ve been using T-SQL and *GASP* xp_cmdshell, OSQL and file shares to gather stats and push configurations to servers for decades. Log before fancy things like C# and Powershell existed. These days I use a variety of home grown tools but doing things with just T-SQL can be just as powerful. I’m going More >

A New Year, Time To Get My Learn On!

My friend, and newly minted MVP, Jen McCown (blog|twitter) is hosting  T-SQL Tuesday this month. I normally don’t do the T-SQL Tuesday, but this is a post about resolutions so I am resolving to do more of them in the new year. I’ve always considered myself a core engine kind of guy. Focused on things like I/O, on disk structures and the optimizer. As SQL Server grows it has become harder and harder to keep up with the Joneses’ (Steve?). Like every other DBA that earned their salt in the mines of 6.0 through 2000 I’ve got a ton of tools I’ve written myself to monitor every aspect of SQL More >

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