Solid State Disk

Fundamentals of Storage Systems, Solid State Storage Basics

Solid state storage is the new kid on the block. We see new press releases every day about just how awesome this new technology is. Like with any technology, you need a solid foundation in how it works before you can decide if it is right for you. Lets review what solid state storage is and where it differs from traditional hard disks. I will cover solid state storage in a general manor not favoring any specific flash manufacturer or specific type of Flash.

Outline: Types of Flash NAND Flash Structure NAND Flash Read Properties NAND Flash Write Properties Wear-Leveling Garbage More >

SSD, The Game Changer

I’ve often described SQL Server to people new to databases as a data pump.

Just like a water pump, you have limited capacity to move water in or out of a system usually measured in gallons per hour. If you want to upgrade your pumping systems it can be a two fold process, the physical pump and the size of the pipes.

Our database servers also have several pumps and pipes, and in general you are only as fast as your slowest or narrowest pipe, hard drives.

To feed other parts of the system we have resorted to adding lots and lots of hard drives to get the desired IO read/writes and MB/sec More >

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