Hard Disks

Changing Directions

I See Dead Tech….

Knowing when a technology is dying is always a good skill to have. Like most of my generation we weren’t the first on the computer scene but lived through several of it’s more painful transitions. As a college student I was forced to learn antiquated technologies and languages. I had to take a semester of COBOL. I also had to take two years of assembler for the IBM 390 mainframe and another year of assembler for the x86 focused on the i386 when the Pentium was already on the market. Again and again I’ve been forced to invest time in dying technologies. Well not any More >

Fundamentals of Storage Systems – The Basics of Spinning Disks

Your servers are only as fast as the slowest part, hard drives.To feed other parts of the system we have to add lots of drives to get the desired IO single server can consume.

The basics of how hard drives work has been fundamentally static since the 70’s only refinements in technique and the core technologies have improved. You have a shaft or “spindle” attached to a motor. Disks or “platters” are attached to the spindle. The motor spins the spindle and the platters. Read/write heads controlled by actuator motors move across the surface with very precise motion and access the information More >

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