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Finding SQL Server Installs with Powershell, Again

But the SQL Listener isn’t started!

Yep, I heard you loud and clear. There is more than one way to find SQL Server on your network. This time we will dig deep into the TDS protocol docs again along with a bit of guess work.

Old Dog New Protocol Plus PowerShell

Last time we used PowerShell and the .net framework to assemble a UDP packet and send it to port 1434. This works out just fine if you have the SQL Browser running. If you are running a single standalone instance on the default port the browser service isn’t needed and may not even be enabled. This time we will be using TCP instead of More >

Parsing Glenn Berry’s Diagnostic Information Queries With PowerShell

Do It In Bulk

I usually don’t run queries on just one server. Most of the time I need to get some piece of information from dozens if not hundreds of servers at a time. I also really like Glenn’s diagnostic queries and use them regularly with some modifications and additions of my own. I’m also really digging PowerShell too.

You Got Your Queries In My PowerShell

PowerShell is a very powerful way to gather information across lots of servers. I’ve got a set of templating files that drive my PowerShell scripts and thought I’d apply some of that to Glenn’s queries. The result is a function that More >

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