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The Mystery Of The Slow Last Row

Things Go South

Recently I was troubleshooting a piece of software that archives data out of a very active import table. It is a pretty simple app. It queries the table for any id’s that have data older than X days. It then queries the table again to pull the detail data generating a csv file, table schema script and compresses them for storage. Well, it was running slow. Much slower than expected in fact. It has to process around 5000 id’s and it was taking 50 to 240 seconds an id. This doesn’t sound slow but it adds up in a hurry. I started digging into the code looking at the normal More >

Fast File Copy With Managed Code: UBCopy update!

If you have been following my trials with working with C# and files you know it hasn’t been a bed of roses. I ran into a roadblock when I was trying to build a high performance file copy tool in the CLR. I eventually found a solution. It works but it isn’t very clean. So, I did a little more work, removed a broken bit and simplified another bit to make it a little more stable. I’m not done yet. I know there are a couple of places I can clean the code up a bit more and a way to speed things up a bit more at the cost of using more memory, but that is for another blog post.

Logging, to the More >

SQLDIY: Alert On Blocking Chains

Continuing the SQLDIY monitoring project we will take a look at tracking blocking events. I actually received a request to update this from a script I had made available at SQLServerCentral. This was a script from the grand old days of SQL Server 2000 and actually used xp_smtp_sendmail That Gert Drapers wrote about a million years ago in SQL Server time. With the advent of database mail it only made sense to update the procedure to use it. This still relies on sysprocesses but since it isn’t deprecated yet I’ve got at least three versions of SQL Server before I need to fix that. I did replace More >

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