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My Upcoming Schedule, Come Get Your Learn On!

It’s official, I’ll be speaking at SQLSaturday #63 April 2nd. It is something near and dear to my heart, solid state storage. If you have seen me speak recently at any of the other SQLSaturdays you know I love talking about I/O. This time around I’ll be focusing on one of the new technologies, flash storage. It always surprises me just how little some people understand a technology before pushing it into service! Just deciding to implement solid state disks without doing your due diligence can be a very expensive mistake. I have spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of years getting More >

Fundamentals of Storage Systems, IO Latency and SQL Server

A Thousand Men Marching Still Only March As Fast As One Man.

la·ten·cy – Computers . the time required to locate the first bit or character in a storage location, expressed as access timeminus word time.

Often when talking to people about performance they get rapped around the MB/Sec number and ignore a critical factor, latency. SQL Server is one of those few applications that is very sensitive to disk and network latency. Latency is what the end user sees. If your SQL Server is waiting around for disk or network they will start to complain. In an OLTP environment SQL Server accesses data on More >

SQLDIY: Manage and Monitor SQL Server Yourself

As an old school DBA and always having cheap frugal employers, I have rolled my own management and monitoring solutions. I’ve shared bits and pieces of it over the years to colleagues and to the community but never the whole thing at one go. I did try and build a commercial version. With the birth of my son, doing contract work and building a company from scratch just wasn’t in the cards. So, my loss is your gain! I’ve decided to take what I have built up over the years, clean it up and post it as a series of articles. The code is hosted at github. It may take a while to unwind all the More >

Moore’s Law May Be The Death of NAND Flash

"It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so." -  Mark Twain

I try and keep this quote in my mind whenever I’m teaching about new technologies. You often hear the same things parroted over and over again long after they quit being true. This problem is compounded by fast moving technologies like NAND Flash.

If you have read my previous posts about Flash memory you are already aware of NAND flash endurance and reliability. Just like CPU’s manufacturing processes flash receive boost in capacity as you decrease the size of the More >

SQLDIY: Gather Virtual File Statistics Using T-SQL #TSQL2sDay 15

It’s that time again, T-SQL Tuesday is here! This time Pat Wright (blog|twitter) is hosting and has put forth automating tasks using ether T-SQL or Powershell. I LOVE automating stuff. As a production DBA in some very large shops you can’t do your job unless you make your servers work for you. I’ve been using T-SQL and *GASP* xp_cmdshell, OSQL and file shares to gather stats and push configurations to servers for decades. Log before fancy things like C# and Powershell existed. These days I use a variety of home grown tools but doing things with just T-SQL can be just as powerful. I’m going More >

SQLSaturday #57 Houston, Smashing Success!

I attended and spoke at SQLSaturday #57, and it was an awesome event! Here are my notes and observations on the trip as a whole.

As always, I try to be in town on Friday night to do the speaker dinner. It’s always worth it. Even if you hate the food, resturant or the part of town the PEOPLE make it so worth wild. I always meet someone new and get to cultivate relationships that normally would only get some TLC at The Summit. To me SQLSaturday is a cheap way to keep my speaking skills sharp, educate some folks and get to spend quality time with a great group of people.

Friday night I got to do More >

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