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Fundamentals of Storage Systems, Understanding Reliability and Performance of Solid State Storage

Solid state storage has come on strong in the last year. With that explosion of new products it can be hard to look at all the vendor information and decide which device is best for you. Between the different manufacturers using different methods to benchmark their products showing two different numbers for reads and writes using different methodologies it can be extremely confusing. If you haven’t read Solid State Storage Basics you may not understand all the terms used in this article.

SLC and MLC Characteristics and Differences

Right now there are two main flavors of NAND Flash that are in More >

Fundamentals of Storage Systems, Solid State Storage Basics

Solid state storage is the new kid on the block. We see new press releases every day about just how awesome this new technology is. Like with any technology, you need a solid foundation in how it works before you can decide if it is right for you. Lets review what solid state storage is and where it differs from traditional hard disks. I will cover solid state storage in a general manor not favoring any specific flash manufacturer or specific type of Flash.

Outline: Types of Flash NAND Flash Structure NAND Flash Read Properties NAND Flash Write Properties Wear-Leveling Garbage More >

At The End of the IO Road With C#? Pave New Road!

Not being one for letting a problem get the best of me, I took another look at the asynchronous overlapped IO problem. If you read my last post on the subject, you know I’ve done a lot of work on this already. None of the things I said last time have changed at all. If you want to do asynchronous and un-buffered IO in C# using the native file stream calls you can’t… So, I rolled my own. The kicker is, I don’t use any unmanaged code to do this. No call to VirtualAlloc() or anything else using DLL imports. Oh, and the speed is spectacular.

The Goal

My ultimate goal was to build a routine that More >

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