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The Dangers of Sub-queries!!!!

Ok, now that I have your attention this really should be titled the danger of not qualifying all objects, but that isn’t quite as sensational enough to make you click through to here

Imagine if you will, a developer expects ten records to be inserted into a table and the query has been running for almost an hour.  A quick glance and sp_who2 shows that it is using a lot of IO, I mean a lot. The first thing that happens is a command decision from the boss to kill the query. I took a quick peek and found the plan still in the plan cache while we waited for this thing to roll back. As I look at More >

Fusion-IO releases new 2.1 driver and firmware

And it is well worth the upgrade. I recently had the opportunity to interview David Flynn CEO of Fusion-IO and that will be coming up soon. I have been beta testing the 2.0 driver for quite some time and have been very happy with the performance and reduction in required system memory (by half!). The 2.1 driver is the official release of the 2.x series and has some gains even over the 2.0 drive I’ve been testing. I always to a little test run with HD Tach before diving into my other more detailed tools and right off the top the 2.1 driver is faster yet again than the 1.27 and the 2.0 driver. More >

Creating UDL Files On The Fly

Many years ago, in the dark ages of DTS I created a little app that would take two parameters and build a UDL file. This an some crafty VBScript allowed me to loop through a list of servers on the fly. I haven’t thought about this code in almost ten years when I came across John Paul Cooks’ blog post on using UDL files. I thought I’d just post up the code, it is basic but got the job done! I did clean it up a bit since it was written when .net 1.0 was all the rage.  The secret sauce is writing the file encoded Unicode and doing binary writes to get all the little bits in the correct palace. More >

Building My New Home, SQL Server IO

April of 2009 I decided it was time to blog about my SQL Server experiences in earnest. Steve Jones (twitter|blog) over at SQL Server Central was very supportive and gave me some space there. I’ve been playing with diffrent blogging platforms over the last six months and have settled on wordpress. I’m also taking some advice from Brent Ozar (twitter|blog) and syndicating it out to the world. Again, Steve has been nice enough to just feed my new blog into my old blog space on SSC so there won’t be any loss of old articles or comments on them. With that said you can visit me at More >

The PASS Session Selection Process, My Experience Part 3

In my last two posts I talked specifically about the process. This round I’m going to discuss the tools of the trade. Note: These are my views and opinions and not that of PASS in any way shape or form.

This was my first year on the program committee. From talking to other people on the committee, there have been several tools and methods used in the past to do the work of selecting abstracts. I can’t speak to the previous tools just to this years. And it will change again next year. PASS is a dynamic, volunteer, organization things can change pretty quickly when they need to. I also have to More >

The PASS Session Selection Process, My Experience Part 2

In part one I talked about the abstracts. While important, abstracts are only one part of a complicated selection dance. Since there are so many submissions and so few slots even the best abstracts may not be chosen.

The Selection Criteria

We were given a set of instructions and categories to rate things. There weren’t too many of them and they were subjective in nature. We rated abstracts, topics and the presenter with a final subjective rating to act as a catch all.

Abstracts Covered in part one.

Topics This was a little odd to me. The topic and abstract are clearly dependent on More >

The PASS Session Selection Process, My Experience Part 1

Well, I have just finished up my part in the abstract selection process for the PASS Summit. This was my first year as a volunteer in this process so I don’t have any specific previous experience to draw on. I have some experiences that are similar. Some of you may know that I was actually a double major Mass Communications and Theatre in college. I have experience in putting together competitions and also as a judge at several events. So, while I might not have PASS experience I have had to judge others on their abstract writing and presentation skills. This process isn’t an easy one. It More >

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